A cookie is a small text file that contains some data about your visit to each website - like a username and password. Data stored in a cookie is created by the server when you connect to the specific website. It is stored on your computer through the browser and will not be deleted until the expiry date, or if you have specifically set up your browser to delete them.

Cookies can be classified in different categories :

  • session / essential: these cookies can not be declined, they are needed to make the website work properly
  • functional / social share: these cookies are useful to give the visitor a better experience; this can include some social sharing features
  • tracking: these cookies are used to analyse the website and check its efficiency
  • marketing: these cookies are used to do some marketing on the website, including advertisement

EU law says that if you only have session/essential cookies, then you don't need to alert your visitor. If we use any other cookies than session/essential, you will see a cookies alert bar which allows users to decide which cookies to allow and which to decline.

We may use cookies to:

  • personalise our Site to you. For example, to try and ensure that language and region displays are correctly configured for you;
  • allow you to use our Site in a way that makes your browsing experience more convenient;
  • improve our Site. For example, knowing how our users navigate our Site and use its features allows us to streamline the user experience, speed up searches, identify bugs, and make enhancements;
  • review the popularity of our Site with reference to platform, location and other related factors;
  • estimate our audience size and usage pattern;
  • store information about any preferences which you set, so we can do things like greet you personally and speed up the display of pages; and
  • identify which of your device(s) you use to access our Site

The cookies we may use:

  • may persist on your device between visits to our Site, so that, for example, we can identify you when you visit again; and
  • may be provided either by us or by third-party service providers (such as analytics and search engine providers).

You can set your browser to accept or reject certain cookies or, if you prefer, you can set your browser to alert you each time a cookie is detected. Previous cookies that have been stored on your device can also be deleted. However, if you block our cookies or you subsequently delete a cookie that has been placed, our site may not display correctly.